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GRIP STRENGTH TRAINING is the most over-looked aspect of strength training for Throwers.

Your hands are the last thing that touches the shot, javelin, discus and hammer when you throw them.

Any pain, weakness, or injury in your hands will little-by-little undermine all the work you put into your throws.

It doesn't matter how much you've worked on technique, how strong your legs are, how fast you can move...

...if your hands are weak or beat up, they'll shoot a hole into everything else that's going on.

Doing the right grip-strengthening work will MAXIMIZE your throwing power.

Focusing on proper injury-prevention methods will keep you going strong the whole season long.

That means more PR's and top finishes this year.

ALL OF THIS is why you need to get your hands on this video...

How This DVD Will Help You Throw Better This Season

Generate More Force Through the Implement

You work hard to generate as much full-body power as you can, but your weak hands and fingers will limit how far you can throw. Implement these drills RIGHT NOW to maximize your throwing power.

Better Command of Every Throw You Make

Increased hand strength means improved Control. You'll feel like a machine propelling each throw from your powerful fingertips, and you'll never have a doubt in your mind about your release point, trajectory, or follow-through.

More Confidence, Less Worry = Better Throws

Injuries and weakness are a terrible distraction. They get in your head and you focus more on them than your throws. With these drills, your hands will be stronger, and everything from the elbow to fingertips will be bullet-proof!

Fewer Season-Shortening Injuries to the Fingers, Hands and Wrists

The scariest thing that could ever happen to a thrower is getting close to a championship meet and you end up hurting one of your hands and can't throw as hard as you want to. You've worked all year to get to this point and then you bend back your finger or you tear up your hands and now you're not going to do as well in that big championship meet...


Feedback on Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers

"Simple and Practical Exercises"

Adriane Wilson
"The Track and Field Grip Training DVD is OUTSTANDING. It is a complete collection of simple and practical exercises for throwers, lifters, and any person concerned with their hand and lower arm health.

The preventive and strength building exercises can be performed in or outside of a gym, which is useful for those unable to travel to the gym on a daily basis.

In addition to grip tools already found in the gym, Jedd and Matt present easy and inexpensive alternatives to top rated grip equipment to further strengthen your grip.

Their inventive program can apply to the novice gripper and challenge the elite crusher. Your grip training will stay exciting and your strength will continue to impress."

-Adriane Wilson-
Olympic Level Track Athlete &
Highland Games Competitor

"I Highly Recommend This Video"

Bill Piche's Kids,
both Track Athletes
"A missing link in the strength training program of many athletes is grip strength. In the throws in track and field, hand strength is of utmost importance. But, many coaches neglect training grip.

Jedd Johnson is a grip training expert and he combines his expertise with throws coach Matt Ellis to provide a great resource for throwers on how to train their grip for the throws.

Their new DVD entitled "Grip Training For Track and Field Throwers" covers the complete grip strength spectrum from crushing grip to wrist and forearm strength. A big bonus is they also cover common throwing injuries and prevention.

One of my favorite parts is on the topic of Home Made equipment. There are no excuses for not training grip and this part of the DVD shows you how to do it on the cheap so there are no budget issues to worry about for implementing grip training into a strength program.

Needless to say, I highly recommend "Grip Training For Track and Field Throwers."

-Bill Piche-
Track Coach
& Father of Two Track Athletes

Have You Experienced Any of These Problems?

  • The shot spreads your fingers apart and slides between them, causing shooting pain down the top of your hand.

  • The discus comes off your hand wrong, flies way off target, and causes an immense pain in your elbow.

  • The javelin doesn't fly right, and you feel like you have shin splints in your forearm.

  • The hammer and the weight have so much force behind them, it makes you wonder if your hands can hold up, and slowly your confidence slips away.

  • When throwing the discus and get that "pins and needles feeling" every time you release.

  • The shot rolls off your hand and bends your finger back so far it nearly touches your wrist.
These are the Worst Nightmares for throwers.
But you won't need to lose a moment's rest over them, once you start doing the simple drills we show you in this video...

Here's a Quick List of Highlights
You'll Learn in This Video

  • What is lower arm health and how do you attain it, train it, and maintain it?

  • Why Open Hand training is one of the best forms of Grip Training for Athletes

  • How you can use a penny to develop strong hands

  • Lifting straps are for wussies, right? WRONG. We'll show you how to get a strong grip by using your dusty old lifting straps

  • How to use kettlebells to develop grip strength in a way that is particularly beneficial for shot putters

  • How you can ruin a perfectly nice walk with a pair of kettlebells and develop forearm strength at the same time

  • How by using ropes and towels you can make even light dumbbells a challenge to lift, hold, and control

  • How to turn an ordinary barbell rack pull into vicious grip strength exercise

  • How to modify basic lifts to turn your team workouts into fierce competition

  • How to set up circuit-style workouts for your teams to bullet proof the hands and keep training exciting for them

  • How to reinforce the hands using simple equipment found in every gym

  • Learn the optimal duration for sets, reps, and holds that Coach Matt has found in working with his athletes

  • Common technique errors for simple grip lifts that actually stifle your grip strength development

  • Learn simple ways to make training gear using scrap wood and steel

  • How one trip to a hardware store can lead to PERFECT grip training equipment for beginners, youth athletes, and women who are just starting out

  • How to turn the traditional hula dance into a challenging grip training workout

  • Can't get into the weight room because of the other varsity teams? We'll show you Home Made Equipment you can build and then keep right in the shed to train with out by the throwing circle

  • Why thick rope work isn't just for sailors and crab fisherman and why it's great for the hand strength needs of throwers

  • Why rope training is great for variety, which yields even better results in your training

  • How one 10-lb plate in each hand can help develop the wrist flick shot putters need to add extra inches to their throws

  • Simple leverage exercises that build forearm strength and pre-hab the sensitive parts of the elbow that bother javelin throwers

  • The $30 piece of training gear available at any hardware store that builds crazy grip strength, a rock-solid core, and power throughout the body

  • What the rubber band battery is and why it keeps the power flowing through the forearms

  • Simple, cheap gear that helps keep away tendonitis and other forms of elbow pain for javelin throwers

  • How to incorporate band work for training and strengthening the fingertips

  • The Key stretches your athletes MUST do to improve range of motion, mobility, and recovery

  • How to crank your grip training up a notch with advanced grip integration

  • High Impact Exercise Variations that make Pull-ups absolutely sinister

  • How to make a Bulgarian Training Bag from inner tube for less than $10 and how to use it to train the hands specifically for the hammer

  • Why one roll of duct tape can save you $50 toward an easy-to-make thick bar device

  • ...and so much more...

Strong & Healthy Hands are VITAL for the Throws!

Don't let your weak, beat-up hands hold you back this season.

Get this video TODAY.

Thanks and as always, THROW FAR!

Coach Matt Ellis

When you use the information we show you, this is what you're going to see:

1. With your increased hand strength, your numbers are gonna go up. You're gonna set PR's, and you're gonna feel like a beast out there.

2. The implements are gonna feel lighter. You'll be able to handle them like an infant handles a baby rattle. Imagine how awesome THAT'S gonna feel.

3. And finally, somebody else is gonna make mention of your new-found power. They won't believe the numbers you're putting up, and they'll be picking your brain to know what the heck you've been up to!
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Common Questions About Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers:

Q: I am a new Strength Coach - will I understand everything you tell me?

A: You'll have no issues understanding what we show you. Everything we cover is straight-forward, PLUS we give you conise demonstrations.

Q: I have limited room, will I still be able to do this?

A: Yes, you really won't need tons of space or equipment. If you're training a large team you will need to accommodate for the size of the team, but alost all of these drills can be done right in your weight room or out on the Track itself.

Q: I work with top level college athletes. Is this something they can use or are they too advanced and "beyond" this?

A: Athlete at all levels need Grip Training, both to build strength that helps them perform, as well as preventing injuries.

Q: I don't have my own facility. I train my athletes out of the trunk of my car. Will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. We show many tools that are light weight and take up little space. Also, we show a bunch of equipment you can build to make it easier on your budget.

Q: I work mainly with kids under 12. Is this something I can use?

A: There are grip training drills for all levels of athletes. If your athletes are old enough to perform the throws, then they can do the drills we show you.

Q: How much equipment is needed to run this program?

A: While there is a huge amount of great specialized grip training tools out on the market, much of what we show you involves using Dumbbells, Barbells, weight plates, and other equipment you already have in your gym. We even show you how to use your lifting belt for a very challenging grip training drill!